Transgender Woman Sues L.P.G.A. Over Policy

October 13th, 2010 by drlinsf in Uncategorized

By KATIE THOMAS    Published: October 12, 2010  NYT

A transgender woman filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the L.P.G.A., arguing that its requirement that competitors be “female at birth” violates California civil rights law.

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  1. Efebdevout says:

    Your comment shloud be read by every single person who , out of ignorance, speaks of transgender wannabes like above. Would anyone volunteer for such painful experiences ?I want to send you all the encouragement I can. All I can offer is understanding and compassion. All the best to you and your family! This bewildering situation is not any of us would have chosen, but our children make us become much stronger than we imagined, and we can pass this test for them and with them. Blessings!

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