Curriculum Vitae

Lin Fraser Ed.D.

2538 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94115


Psychotherapist in private practice 1976-present.


Duke University, B.A. Psychology (in 3 years) 1967 Summer School: Stanford University, Radcliffe College.

San Francisco State University, M.A. Counseling 1975.

University of San Francisco, Ed.D. Counseling Psychology 1991.

Post-Graduate Training

Internships: Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, 1972; Fort Help, 1973-1979.

Postgraduate Professional Training: Human Sexuality Training, UCSF and San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute; National Council on Alcoholism Professional Training; Family Therapy Institute of Marin; San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute Yearlong Program for Professionals; C.G. Jung Institute Seminars for Professionals.

Specialized training and certification in online counseling.

Consultation: Group Consultation: Bay Area Gender Associates, 1986-current.  Individual consultation: Paul Walker PhD, founding President of HBIGDA, 1983-1986. Jean Shinoda Bolen M.D, Author, Activist and Jungian Analyst, 1986 to present.

Certification and License

California Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT8288, 1976.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, LPCC1816, 2015.

National Certified Counselor, NCC 17402 , 1987.

Pupil Personnel Worker, California Community College System,Instructor, Psychology, California Community College System, 1975.

Distance Certified Counselor, DCC 553, (Internet Counseling Credential), 2006.

Mental Health Facilitator, MHF (Credential in Capacity Building in Mental Health Skills), 2015.

Public and Professional Service

WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health): President 2011-2014. President-Elect 2009-2011. Board of Directors 2007-present. .Global Education Initiative, Co-Chair 2013- present. Development Committee, Co-Chair- 2013- present.  SOC7 (Standards of Care) Writing Committee; Responsibilities include Adult Psychotherapy and Web-Based Transgender Care, 2006-current. Update Co-Editor (with Jamison Green and Gail Knudson): WPATH Newsletter, President’s Notes Writer

Asian Pacific Trans Health Blueprint, Reviewer, April 2015

Conference Co- Chair, WPATH 23rd International Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand. February 2014

Co-Chair Mental Health Track, National Transgender Health Summit, Oakland, CA, Spring 2013.

Host and Chair of  WPATH Strategic Planning Meeting II,  Hotel Serrano, San Francisco, CA, February 1,2, 2013.

Host of WPATH International ICD Consensus Process to advise the World Health Organization on the Gender Diagnoses for  ICD-11, Hotel Serrano, San Francisco, CA, February 3-4,2013.

Chair of WPATH Strategic Planning I, University Of Ghent Hospital Atrium, Ghent, Belgium, April 27,28, 2012.

Technical Consultation for the development of Blueprint for provision of care to Transgender persons in Latin America and the Caribbean- Group Member, sponsored by PAHO, Washington DC, Dec 19-21-2011.

International Journal of Transgenderism: Editorial Board, 2006-present; reader and reviewer.

Conference on Family Law: Consultant/Participant, June 2006.

Transgender Mental Health Guidelines: Reviewer 2005.

Cathedral School for Boys: Board of Trustees, 1996-2002, Chair-Education Policy Committee, 1997-2002, Chair and Founder, Gender Issues and Boys Study Committee, 1997-2002,Cathedral School for Boys: Consultant and Co-Chair, Boys Study Committee- 2005-2008.

Duke University: Alumni Admissions Interviewer for Northern California- 2002-present.

The Urban School of San Francisco: Senior Endowment Committee, Chair 2003-2004, Diversity Committee, 2000-2004, Nominating Committee Chair-2002-2004.

Church Divinity School of the Pacific: reader for doctoral dissertation on “The Spiritual Life of Boys” 2004.

University of California San Francisco, Supervisor of Psychiatry Resident, 1998.

California School of Professional Psychology Adjunct Faculty, 1995-1997, Co- taught course – Gender Identity Issues.

TGSF (Transgender San Francisco, formerly ETVC); professional advisor and consultant for phone line for transgender peer counseling, 1990-1992.

Bay Area Gender Associates (BAGA): founder and participant: 1986 – current.

Pacific Center, Group Facilitator, TV/TS Rap Group, 1978-1981.

Lone Mountain (University of San Francisco)Adjunct Faculty, 1979-1981.

Professional Associations

WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) formerly HBIGDA (Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association), founding professional member  and  President (2011-2014).

APA (American Psychological Association), clinical member,  Division 46 (Media Psychology) , Division 52 (International Psychology), Divisions 39 (Psychoanalysis), Division 44 (LGBT),  Division 36 (Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality).

CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists), clinical member.

ISMHO (International Society Mental Health Online)– member.

Publications and Internet




Fraser, L (2015) Standards of Care, Transgender Health, The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, First Edition. Edited by Patricia Whelehan and Anne Bolin. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Fraser, L & Knudson, G (2015) Gender Dysphoria and Transgender Health in ABC of Sexual Health, 3rd Edition. Wylie, K (ed). Wiley.

Fraser, L (2015). Gender Dysphoria: Definition and Evolution Through the Years in Management of Gender Dysphoria, A Multidisciplinary Approach. Eds. Carlo Trombetta, Springer,

WPATH Standards of Care, Version 7 2011. I am one of 10 members on the writing committee.

Coleman,E., Bockting,W., Botzer, M., Cohen-Kettenis, P., DeCuypere,G., Feldman, J., Fraser, L., Knudson, G., Meyer, W.J., Monstrey, S.(2011) Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender-Nonconforming People, Version 7. International Journal of Transgenderism, 13:165-232.

Fraser, L, Recommendations for Revision of the DSM Diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder in Adults. International Journal of Transgenderism, 12:80-85 (with Drs. Dan Karasic, Walter Meyer and Kevan Wylie).

Fraser, Lin (2009) Etherapy: Ethical and Clinical Considerations for Version 7 of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care. International Journal of Transgenderism; Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 247-263.

Fraser, Lin (2009) Depth psychotherapy with transgender people. Sexual and  Relationship Therapy, 24:2,126 — 142).

Fraser, Lin (2009) Psychotherapy in the Standards of Care, International Journal of Transgenderism, 1434-4599, Volume 11, Issue 2, 2009, Pages 110 – 126.

Classification, Assessment and Management of Gender Identity Disorders in the Adult Male: A Manual for Counselors, 1991, Doctoral Dissertation, University of San Francisco.

Transgender Identity Issues, A Binder for Graduate Students (with William Henkin, Ph.D.), 1996.

Therapy with Transgender People Across the Life Span (edited version) Division 44 Newsletter, Summer 2005.

Therapy with Transgender People Across the Life Span (expanded version) ACA AGLBIC Newsletter 2006.

Can Same Sex-Schooling Survive? A Forum at Grace Cathedral

Addressing Psycho-Social Issues in the Transgender Client, Transgender Care Conference May 2000.

Observations About Transgender People, Talk at ETVC, 1991



The Case of John Brown 2007 Form Media, UK, Channel 1.

Sex Change, Her to Him 2006 Beyond, Australia.

Changing Sexes, Follow-up 2005 Discovery Channel Changing Sexes, Female to Male 2003 Discovery Channel.

Changing Sexes, Male to Female 2002 Discovery Channel.

The Blank Point- What is Transsexualism? 1992 Award-winning Independent Film.

A Question of Gender 1986 Independent Film.

Easing Stress 1979 Pan Am Training Film.


Interviewed on CNN, Discovery Channel, KPFA, KTVU, Learning Channel, KPIX and others Print Media Interviewed for San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Times, Independent, Guardian, CNN Print Version, Blender, Baltimore Sun, New York Times, XPress and others.

Training/ Consulting/ Legal

Consultant to Benefits Department, Oracle Corporation, May 2015

Expert witness in Domainlor Cabading vs. Cal Baptist University, July 2014.

Training for Cal Berkeley Health Care Professionals- Transgender Clinical Care Across the Lifespan June 3, 2014

Training for Stanford Medical Residents, Transgender Care Across the Lifespan, August 2013

Report for Transgender Law Center petitioning nondiscrimination of transgender pilot, December 2010.

Report for Prison Law Project Advocating Treatment for Transgender inmate August 2010.

Training for  3PAR Corporation, informational session regarding a transgender employee transitioning in the workplace, Feb 12, 2010.

All-day seminar for psychotherapists on Gender Variant and Transgender Identities, Clinical and Ethical Issues, in Bakersfield, California, February 27, 2009. For information on this seminar, see

Training for State Fund, informational session regarding a transgender employee transitioning in the workplace, June 2005.

Training for Primavera Corporation, informational session regarding a transgender employee transitioning in the workplace, Nov 17, 2003.

Staff Training on Transgender Issues, University Health Services, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, Oct. 8, 1999.

Staff Training on Transgender Health Care, Dept. of Veteran Affairs Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, April 15, 1998.

Two-Day Seminar on Gender Identity Issues for doctoral psychology students at CSPP (with Dr. William Henkin), 1995-1997.

Training of members of Episcopal Church regarding transitioning member, Benicia, CA Jan. 1997.

Training for Naval Post Graduate School regarding transitioning TG Employee, May 24 1996.

Training for State Fund regarding transitioning executive employee, San Francisco and Los Angeles, May 1995.

Prior to 1995, I did trainings at San Quentin, Family Therapy Institute of Marin, San Francisco State University Departments of Counseling as well as Psychology among others.Served as professional advisor to lawyers and as expert witness in various court cases relating to trans issues.


WPATH, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Transgender Health, Best Practices in Medical and Mental Health Care, WPATH Global Education Initiative, Chicago, Illinois, November 7, 2015 (with Drs. Gail Knudson & Jamison Green).

Psychotherapy, Transgender Health, Best Practices in Medical and Mental Health Care, WPATH Global Education Initiative, Chicago, Illinois, November 6, 2015.

From Treating Transsexualism to Promoting Transgender Health, WPATH History and Professional Evolution, Transgender Beyond Disorder, New Paradigms and SOC7. SFSU Summer Institute, San Francisco, CA, June 19, 2015.

Psychotherapy with the Aging Transgender Client, National Transgender Health Summit, Oakland, CA, April 18, 2015

WPATH Perspectives on Major Issues in Trans Health (Moderator), National Transgender Health Summit, Oakland, CA, April 17, 2015

Emergent Issues, Controversies and Ethics as we evolve outside the binary. National Transgender Health Summit, Oakland, CA, April 17, 2015

Standards of Care 7.x: Questions for the Next Revision, European Professional Association for Transgender Health 1st Symposium, Ghent, Belgium, Mar 13, 2015

President’s Welcome Plenary, WPATH 23rd International Symposium, Bangkok Thailand, February 15, 2014.

Long-term Psychotherapy in Advances in Transgender Care, WPATH 23rd International Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand, February 15, 2014

Psychotherapy from the Heart in the WPATH Standards of Care, Invited Plenary, World Association for Sexual Health 21st Conference, Porto Alegre, Brasil, September 23rd, 2013

Opening Plenary (delivered via Skype), 1st Trans Care Conference for the Confederation of Independent States, Moscow, Russia, November 11, 2013

Opening Welcome Plenary at National Transgender Health Summit, Oakland, CA, Spring 2013.

Interdisciplinary complex cases, National Transgender Health Summit, Oakland, CA, Spring 2013.

WPATH Global Education Initiative, Panel on Transgender Education and Training, National Transgender Health summit, Oakland, CA, Spring 2013.

Advanced Psychotherapy Cases with Trans People, Moderator, National Transgender Health Summit, Oakland, CA, Spring 2013.

Shifting Paradigms: Breaking with Pathology,  Affirming Gender Diversity.  Keynote Address, CPATH Biennial Meeting, Winnipeg, Canada Sept 22 2012.

Transgender Beyond Disorder: WPATH, New Paradigms & Global Connections, WPATH/UCSF/CENESEX, Forum at SFGH, May 23 2012

Transgender Care Across the Lifespan: Psychotherapy and Aging. AAGP Annual Meeting, Washington DC, March 18, 2012

Transgender Beyond Disorder: New Paradigms and the SOC7 in II Colloquium “Trans Identidades, Género y Cultura”.  The 6th Cuban Congress on Sexual Education, Counseling and Therapy , Havana, Cuba, January 24, 2012.

Meet the Presidents, WPATH Vision and Goals, with Jamison Green PhD and Walter Bockting PhD, WPATH 2011 International Symposium, Atlanta, GA, September 28, 2011.

Implementation of version 7 of the WPATH Standards of Care for Transgender Health, with the SOC7 Writing Committee, WPATH 2011 International Symposium, Atlanta, GA, September 28, 2011.

Plans for the 2014 WPATH International Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand, WPATH 2011 International Symposium, Atlanta, GA September 26, 2011.

Transgender mental health care across the lifespan, Aging and the transgender person, WPATH 2011 Biennial Symposium, Atlanta, GA. September 26, 2011

Launch of version 7 of the WPATH Standards of Care for Transgender Health, Plenary with Eli ColemanPhD, WPATH 2011 Biennial Symposium, Atlanta GA, September 26, 2011.

WPATH Standards of Care for Transgender Health, with Jamison Green PhD, Eli Coleman, PhD, Jamie Feldman MD, WPATH Sponsored Symposium at Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Site, Atlanta, GA, September 23, 2011

Observations about transgender people: 40 Years of Practice as a gender therapist, Presentation at Southern Comfort Conference,Atlanta, GA,  September 22, 2011.

 WPATH Day-to-Day,then and now, Standards of Care and transmen, Keynote at the Robert Eads Health  Fair, Atlanta, GA, September 22, 2011.

WPATH Day-to-Day, Professionals Workshop at Gender Spectrum Conference, Berkeley, CA, July 29, 2011.

Mental Health Care Across the Lifespan, Psychotherapy and Aging, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, May 2011

Mental Health Care Across the Lifespan, Psychotherapy and Aging, Plenary Lunch, National Transgender Health Summit, San Francisco, CA April 9, 2011.

Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues in Transpeople: DID and GID with Dan Karasic MD, National Transgender Health Summit, San Francisco, CA April 9, 2011.

WPATH Symposium with Walter Bockting PhD and Jamison Green PhD, National Transgender Health Summit, San Francisco, CA April 9, 2011.

Transgender Mental Health Issues. Transgender Health Lecture Series (for medical students), UCSF, February 2, 2011.

Transgender Care Across the Lifespan, Aging and the Transgender Person, Northern California Psychiatric Society Annual Meeting, Monterey, CA, Mar 21, 2010.

Transition Issues for Transpeople with Dissociative Identity Disorder (with Dan Karasic MD), XXI Biennial Symposium, WPATH, Oslo, June 20, 2009.

Transgender Identity Development and Depression, Pre-Symposium for CME Credit, XX Biennial Symposiom, WPATH, Chicago, Sept 5, 2007.

2007 Web-Based Transgender Care, Ethical and Clinical Considerations, Plenary Lecture, XX Biennial Symposium, WPATH, Chicago, Sept 7, 2007.

Shadow Side of the Paradigm Shift; When Politically Correct is not Psychologically Correct. Panel presentation at the 19th International Symposium of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Bologna, Italy, April 6-9, 2005.

The Transgender Phenomenon: Psychodynamic Viewpoint. Opening Plenary lecture presented at the 18th International Symposium of the Harry Benjamin international Gender Dysphoria Association, Gent, Belgium, Sept. 10-13, 2003.

Psychotherapy With Transgender People/ Across the Lifespan. Plenary Lecture presented at Association of Gay & Lesbian Psychiatrists pre APA Conference “Beyond Coming Out, LGBT Mental Health Across the Lifespan”, San Francisco, CA, May 17, 2003.

Providing Therapeutic Care Outside the Binary Gender System. Plenary Panel at the 17th International Symposium of the HBIGDA, Galveston, Texas, Oct.31-Nov.4, 2001.

Nurturing the Emotional, Moral, and Spiritual Development of Boys. Paper presented at the National Association of Episcopal Schools Biennial Conference, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 17, 2000.

What About Boys? The Case for Single-Sex Education: One School’s Perspective. Paper presented at the 7th Annual Boys School Coalition Conference “Bridge to the Future: Mentoring Boys in the New Millennium”. San Francisco, CA. June 25-28, 2000.

Transgender Identity Development. Paper presented at Transgender Care Conference, San Francisco, CA, May 5, 2000.

Normative Transgender Identity Development. Paper presented at the California Dreamin’ Conference, April 2000.

Can Same-Sex Schooling Survive? Speaker at the Forum at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA, May 17, 1999.

Psychotherapy with TG People: A Jungian Perspective. Paper presented to American Psychological Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA, August 1998.

Observations About Transgender People. Paper presented at California Dreamin’ Conference, San Francisco, CA May 1998.

A Transgender Issues Consultation Group in the San Francisco Bay Area. Panel member at the 15th International Symposium of the HBIGDA, Vancouver, Canada, Sept 1997.

Female-to-Male Transsexuals in Psychotherapy, Paper presented at the 1st FTM International Conference, San Francisco, Ca. April 1997.

Earlier presentations for the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, Conference on Sexual Compulsivity, Addiction, ETVC and other trans organizations, Pan American World Airways among others.

Nonprofessional training:

Outward Bound School, Colorado Summer 1976; Yosemite Mountaineering School 1977; Advanced First Aid Teacher and Emergency Medicine Training 1978; Mountain Medicine and Outdoor Survival Skills Training 1979; Private Pilot Instruction & Solo Flight 1972.

International/Intercultural/Future Directions

One of youngest transatlantic commercial airline passengers- America to UK 1947. Expat for many years.  Lived in Wales and Brazil as a child.  Visited parents in Mexico and Iran as young adult. Much international travel my entire life.

Conversant in Spanish and Portuguese.

Pan American World Airways, 1967-1976.  Flight Attendant. Taken off flight status for 2 years to develop training programs in Communications for PanAm Flight Service, Course Developer, Train the Trainer and Video Producer on Communication and Cross Cultural Communication, 1976-1979.

Foreign Language Institute, Moscow, USSR-Winter-1970.

Tom Dooley Foundation (now InterMed): volunteer researcher in remote mountain villages in Nepal, 1974-5.

Kibbutz Menara: volunteer in upper Galilee, Israel, summer 1973

Member-World Affairs Council.

Future plans include continued travel and doing international training and therapy online.


Married, one child.

Primary interests include people, cultures, world affairs, travel, reading, cooking and technology.

Dr. Lin Fraser
2538 California Street
(between Steiner and Pierce)
San Francisco 94115
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